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How to Tackle Chinese Ambition toward the High Seas

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This article is a revision and retouch of author’s presentation at “2016 Japan-US-Taiwan Trilateral Security Dialogue (trackⅡ)” in Taipei on April 2016.

1 International Security Environment in Asia-Pacific region International security environment in the world today is said to be “confused and disordered”. There are many destabilizing factors such as international terrorism, cyberattacks, emerging failed states and refugees, ultra-secessionist and national independence movements, etc. These factors become more tangible and acute in Europe, Middle-East, Africa as well as Asia. Some countries willingly pursuit their national interests without hiding their ambition and challenge to change existing international order. For example, it is said that Russia intends to change the status quo of Georgia and Ukraine in the Middle-Europe by force, and IS barbarous movement seems to change the present government of Iraq and Syria in the Middle-East.

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